Sunday, February 27, 2011

A tip about Powder Make-Up

Picture: Courtesy of Google

Many of us forget the basics when applying our make-up, some of these things tend to be and can be very crucial when it comes to make-up and the over all look. Its like saying if you'd go to a party without doing your eye make-up, or to a meeting with-out applying your lipstick. Or would you? 

Most people forget that when doing your face make-up, the job isn't complete after you apply your concealer, or cover-up. Sometimes it helps to apply a powder to your face, it also gives a nice smooth finish at the end, not only that but it helps keep the foundation in place and prevents shine from appearing on the skin.

I prefer loose powder for oily skin as it doesn't stick to the skin as much and it helps keep the make-up in place without making the face/skin oily.

Pressed powder on the other hand is best for touch-ups throughout the day. If you have oily skin, still try to stay away from pressed powder as it can cause the skin to appear more oilier then it is. If you have dry to normal skin then pressed powder is great, in fact if you get one with a bit of moisturizer in it, it'll keep your skin moisturized as well. 

Hot Smoky Eyes

Picture: Courtesy of Google 

As many of us have noticed, smoky eyes have been seen everywhere. The Oscars, red carpets, that late night party, prom...and it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere. The thing about smoky eyes is that they work for any occasion and at anytime because the make-up is kept simple and not at all overdone, all it does is add that sensual look and add mystery to your glamorous look. 

Here's how to get the look my way, simple yet perfect:

Things you may need:
A dark eyeshadow: brown (chocolate or hazelnut colors), charcoal or bronze
A flat eyeliner brush
A cotton swab

Simply begin by applying a nude color eyeshadow over your entire lid. This will help keep your make-up in place to prevent from smudges or creases. Now take the edge of your eyeliner brush and dip it into the dark eyeshadow (whatever color you have chosen). Tap the edges lightly to take the extra powder off.

Gently, press the tip of the eyeliner brush onto the base of your upper lashes. Then repeat the same step along the outer length (also known as lash edges) of your eyelashes. If you need additional eyeshadow, feel free to use.

Now take the cotton swab, and gently smudge the liner upwards to blend it in with the nude eyeshadow. Finish off the look by putting on two coats of a preferably black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Some tips:

Eyeshadow colors by eye color:

For Blue Eyes- Brown Eyeshadow will work better
(You can also work with charcoal and black by mixing them)
For Hazel Eyes- Deep Plum or a Purple Eyeshadow
For Brown Eyes- Chocolate or Dark brown mixed with Bronze 
(darker color on top, lighter on bottom)